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Filipe Carvalho (United Kingdom)
Incredible customer service

Strangely, my feedback is based in the returns policy and service.

Unfortunately, the shoe I bought for my wife did not fit. This meant that we sent them back and were given a full refund. However, I made a mistake with the return parcel and did not get a tracked delivery and just had to hope that the parcel would find its way. The company has such a great system that irrespective of my mistake, the parcel was received, identified and I was fully reimbursed (including delivery fees).

I cannot thank the staff enough for their support via email and of course, their honesty and good will in ensuring I received a full refund; truly commendable.

R.O. (Ireland)
Happy customers

Cheaper then the competition and fits better. We'll worth the money. I have 5 pairs and I'll buy more. Stylish and comfortable. Hard to get both

Customer (United States)
Biggest toe box on the market

I’ve tried a lot of the other barefoot shoe brands and fell in love with the fit and style of the drop top mesh. The toe box is huge and doesn’t make my little piggies feel cramped at all. Easy to slide on and goes great with jeans or shorts. These are a must have!

Elodie DURIER (France)
Perfect winter shoes

Thank you Feelgrounds, my feet have never been that happy!
I'm new to barefoot shoes, but i'm hooked for life that's for sure!
I was looking for WARM comfortable shoes for winter, and the patrol winter are the best fit i could have found!

Kristi Cordray (United States)
Great Shoe

I purchased the black chelsea boot and love them. Very comfortable and great quality

J.M. (United States)
Hooked for life

I never wear any other shoes unless I need to. Great everyday shoes, they’re noticeably enjoyable to walk around in. The feelgrounds team is also great, placing an order is a good experience. Shoes ship internally to where I am so it takes a bit of time to receive my order, but not much I nor feelgrounds can do about that.

Lynnae (United States)
So very pleased!

I ordered the Patrol Winter boots knowing I needed a good barefoot boot to help me get outside this winter. I absolutely love them! Lovely lined with warmth yet not clunky at all. My mom and sister each got a pair now too! I wouldn't want to be without my boots for the winter!
I ordered my normal size and it is perfect.

Helena (Croatia)
Well made & good looking

I bought the Patrol Winter in search for comfortable winter shoes. Anyone who has seen she shoe commented on its build quality and simple looks. I really do “feel the ground” so sometimes I can feel the impact on my heel but I also look forward to wearing the Patrol Winters every time I start walking in them. I would highly recommend these shoes!

Sierra (United States)
Comfortable and Stylish

Absolutely love the Chelsea. This is my first pair of barefoot shoes, and I can’t get over how good they feel. I don’t want to wear anything else. I was worried they might look weird with a wider toe box, but I have gotten compliments on them every time I wear them. I find them most comfy with a taller sock, plus they look cute that way.

Gracen Shivar (United States)
Great for travel!

I got the Chelsea style specifically to wear on a trip from USA to Europe so that they could easily come off at airport security but still be comfortable and warm. These shoes fulfilled all of those goals. They were easy to remove at security and comfortable to wear for a long-haul flight. I wore these everyday walking 5-8+ miles each day on cobblestone and concrete, my feet and legs never hurt. The only thing that I needed to be careful with was that they were a bit slippery on some rock surfaces (but for me this was a minor issue, I just had to watch my step and I know the Chelsea style is not a hiking boot). I will definitely be wearing them again for travel! I also wear them every day at work where I stand for long periods of time and have never had pain or fatigue with these shoes!

S.M. (United States)
Happy with all styles!

I’ve got Patrol Boot, original knit, original mesh, High-rise mesh, and seaside. All of my Feelgrounds are on constant rotation in my footwear collection. My feet are happy now that I have found them. I tried two sizes to make sure I got my best fit and now I can order the same size each time. It’s nice that they are easy to clean as well.

M.D. (United States)
Soooo comfortable

Five stars based on initial impression - I've only had the shoes for a few days so I can't attest to their longevity. That said, these shoes are so comfortable that I forgot I was wearing them while working and found myself sitting cross-legged in my chair. I bought high-top knits and also love the way they look. Customer service was very responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly when I needed to return for a smaller size (I neglected to measure my feet and bought a half size too big based on my current U.S.-manufactured shoes). I couldn't believe how fast the second pair came. As far as longevity.... the friend who recommended these shoes to me has had them since Oct 2022 and they're still going strong (for what it's worth!).

S.L. (United States)
Highly recommend

Love my Chelsea boots, super comfortable and I get compliments everytime I wear them.

S.L. (United States)
My spouse loves them

I bought these for my spouse for Christmas and she absolutely loves them. She is always commenting on how she can feel the ground. They are her favorite shoe and I’m sure we will be buying more.

C. (Canada)
Problem with Canadian orders of gift cards

I bought a gift card for Canadian purchases. When the person tried to use the gift card, it would not work online. She had to call the company and make the purchase manually. It would be nice if their was more instruction at the time of purchase about Canadian use of the cards. They were very helpful when the phone call was made, but it did create some concern when it would not accept the card online.

Hi Louis,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the confusion with the gift card. The problem occurred because the gift card was bought in our US store and the gifted person wanted to redeem it in our Canadian store. Due to differences in currency and billing systems between the two stores, gift cards can only be redeemed in the online store they were bought.

We're glad to hear that our customer service team was able to assist with the issue when you contacted us. We take your feedback to heart and will improve our online store to make it more clear for customers to purchase the correct gift card for the correct store location.

Thank you for your support!

Kind regards,

R.F. (United States)
Excellent Customer Service

My boots were lost in the mail. A week after filing a missing parcel search with the local post office, I contacted Feel Grounds. I received a quick response. After some investigation and realizing I wont be receiving the original package, they promptly shipped me a replacement. This is the kind of company I love to support. Thank you Feel Grounds for your help! I love my Patrol winter boots. Today is my first day wearing them. Great fit and feel.

Jan (Denmark)
Best shoes I ever had.

Bought two (mesh) pairs during the campain and it is still my primary shoe when I go out - Mesh, not suited for rain/winter.
Love that you can actually feel the ground, and it is a great exercise for yor feet - now they have to do the job and not your shoes.
Con: You have to get used to the feeling that you will notice everything you step on, and there is no support in the shoe - your feet has to do everything, and this can be a bit hard in the beginning, but will strenghten your feet over time.

R. (United States)
Live in these shoes

I can not tell you enough how much I love the drop top mesh shoes! I like the Chelsea boots I got too. I do have wide feet and the first 2 times I wore the Chelsea boot they felt snug.

K.B. (United States)
I love my Chelsea boots! They are all I wear in the winter!

The Chelsea boots are incredible! True to size, I used the PDF from the site. They are beautiful and so well made. They are so comfortable. I wore them all day to sub at school and my feet were so happy. No more squished toes or sore top of my foot!! I can never go back to tow squishing shoes. Did I mention they are water repellent? I've worn them in snow and rain and they still look brand new. I'm so happy with my purchase and I can't wait to buy more shoes from Feelgrounds!

A. Turrubiartes (United States)
Patrol winter boot is awesome but…

Do note because it’s waterproof this isn’t alway a good thing. During warmer days or environments will accumulate sweat. I’ve never really noticed sweat on my feet until I tried these waterproof boots. So, if you live in a very dry climate or don’t see much rain like in Vegas, something to consider because I had to take off the shoes in my house after 4 hours of wearing them. Otherwise it’s great. It goes without saying but just something to think about. If it’s waterproof no fluid will come in or go out.

Scott Rice (United States)
My Feelgrounds Experience

I purchased my first pair which were Highrise Knit Gum Graphite. One of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had on my feet. I now have two pairs of the Original Mesh as well. The soles give them perfect feedback to my feet. I love the fact I can feel the slightest little pebble under my feet as I walk. The uppers are breathable and keep my feet at the right temp no matter what the weather conditions are. If I had one thing I could change about them it would be to make them just a bit wider not necessarily in the toe box but just behind the toe box. Just a hair snug just behind my little toes but not snug enough to keep me away from Feelgrounds. I have wide high volume feet so a perfect fit is hard to obtain, Feelgrounds are as good as it gets for me. I still have one more pair to get and thats the Highrise Knit in Olive with the black sole. Like that green color!!! Keep up the great work and never stop making shoes Feelgrounds!!

Cristina Navarro Saz (Spain)
Chelsea Sienna

Estoy muy satisfecha con la compra.
Las botas son extremadamente cómodas, la plantilla de corcho da una sensación muy agradable al pisar. Protegen del frío. No las he probado con lluvia. Recomiendo que si se duda entre 2 tallas se elija la mayor, el forro de dentro hace que no sobre tanto como puedes pensar según las medidas.

Tony Taylor
Feel the ground in style

Definitely order, as long as you keep your shoes cared for they will go a long way.

José Pedro Braz (Portugal)
Awesome service and great product

I couldn't be more happy with my first barefoot shoes, they very confortable and stylish. All the shopping process was very easy and transparent. Honest service based on the client.
Thank you.

Morgan (United States)
Customer Service

My first pair of shoes were slightly too narrow so I ordered a larger pair and Viviana helped me with the return. She was very kind and responded quickly to my emails. This customer service seems hard to find nowadays. Thanks again for the great service!