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Feelgrounds with improved sole now available
Feelgrounds Blog / Feelgrounds with improved sole now available

Feelgrounds with improved sole now available

13 May 2022

We know you guys love your Feelgrounds, and you have given us an enormous amount of positive feedback over the two years since Feelgrounds was founded. But every now and then, we also received a message along the lines of “If they’d be just a little bit wider, Feelgrounds would be perfect for me.”

During the last two years of wearing our Feelgrounds daily, we, from team Feelgrounds, noticed our feet continuously expanding and further splaying until we reached a point where we realized that we need a little extra width as well for our Feelgrounds to be perfect again.

With our sole update, we are happy to finally fulfill your requests, but it’s also a decision that we as a team felt was the right step to take.

Get your improved pair of Feelgrounds now

As you might know, changing the sole is a massive investment for a shoe company, as sneaker soles are mostly made with molds. Remaking those molds (one mold for each size) is quite pricey. Therefore, we also made some other tweaks to our sole (read more below) when we were already at it.

We are happy to tell you that we are delighted with the outcome. We from team Feelgrounds love our new Feelgrounds even more than before, and we hope that you will, too.

In the following, you can find all there’s to know about our updated models (shop them here). Also, check out some pictures to see that they are looking just as good as before - if not better.

What models have been updated?

This means that all our sneaker models have been updated, as they are sharing the same sole. They are available in the same colors as their predecessors, and there is no price increase.

What did we change?

  • slightly wider and more natural shaped toe box for even more splay
  • slightly increased sole’s outer wall height to give it even more of a “sneakers” look (however, actual sole thickness/stack height of 5 mm remains the same)
  • improved sole pattern
  • now also available in size EU 35 (= US Women’s 5 / UK Women’s 3)


Feelgrounds new sole vs. old sole comparisonFeelgrounds new sole comparison to old sole

What are the benefits of the update?

  • If your Feelgrounds fit you well in the previous version, you will now have even more room for your toes to splay naturally.
  • If the previous version was just a touch too narrow for you to be comfortable, the updated version might now be an excellent fit for you.
  • The updated sole is less “sloped”, which means that it now accommodates even more foot shapes (e.g. slope, mountain, plateau). Now more people have the chance to wear Feelgrounds.
  • The improved sole pattern features bigger and staggered dots to increase the sole’s durability slightly.
  • The updated version’s insole shape is now identical to the Patrol’s insole shape (our winter boot model). This means that you can now also wear the new models with our removable insoles (available for separate purchase here). This is perfect, e.g. for low volume/narrow feet.
  • Visually, the width change is hardly noticeable, which means that your Feelgrounds still look good and stylish. They just come with more freedom for your toes.

Feelgrounds comparison new sole vs. previous sole


  • The updated versions are about 3 mm longer for each size than their predecessor. Mostly this will not affect your size in Feelgrounds shoes, and they stay true to size.
  • Only customers who previously had to size up in Feelgrounds because of width, or customers who previously were right in between Feelgrounds sizes, should now consider the smaller size.
  • To some customers, the extra room might feel a bit strange or unusual at first, but we speak from experience when saying after having worn the new models, wearing the previous models feels a bit too tight.
  • You can find the exact measurements of the updated models & Patrol on the respective product pages.

What about the previous versions?

The previous versions will be discontinued. The remaining pairs of the old versions are currently available in our sale category for 30% off until stock lasts.

Edit: By now, the previous versions are completely sold out and no longer available.


Feelgrounds Original Mesh All White new sole

We tried to give you as much information as possible. If we missed anything, please don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will add the information to the blog post. If you need personal advice on sizing, fit, etc. our customer support team is always happy to help.

Please keep in mind that every person’s feet are different, and there’s only so much info one can read about shoes beforehand. It’s always best to try them on and feel for yourself.

We hope you will love the updated versions much as we do.

Get your improved pair of Feelgrounds now

Your Feelgrounds team

Posted by Leonie