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Petra Jonsson (Sweden)
Amazingly comfortable shoes!

Loved them from the start! I feel like skipping along down the streets, so light! No discomfort whatsoever even when the shoes are brand new.

Scott Rice (United States)
Original Mesh and Knit High Rise

Just wanted to say I’m very pleased with both shoes. They fit my high volume wide foot very well. Could be just a bit wider for me but for those who do not have extra wide feet I’d say they’ll fit perfectly. The sole on these shoes is so amazing. I can feel everything under my feet. They flex ever so easy. I have a barefoot shoe from most major brands but I will say these I grab the most. Next I think I need a pair of Patrol Lites. Anyone on the fence about these shoes jump! You won’t regret it. I switched to Barefoot Shoes about a year and a half ago. I’m 56. Foot pain and lower back pain are a thing of the past thanks to that switch. Thank you Feelgrounds!

V.C. (Cyprus)
Very satisfied

The shoe fits perfectly, true to size and good quality. Ita my first barefoot shoes and im very satisfied so far

Anthony Arenas (United States)
Fits Like A Glove

I've tried many styles and brands of minimalist and barefoot shoe options. So far, these shoes have surprised me and topped them all. I wear them daily, however it's winter here in CO now, so perhaps their cold boot is in order. I have very wide feet and bunions and cannot express enough how happy my feet feel. Thank you.

Tiyler (United States)
Wonderful Shoes and Great Customer Service.

I've had my shoes for approximately 6 months. They feel amazing and fit perfectly. I tend to do a lot of walking for work, which eventually wore a hole in the heel of the shoes. I contacted customer support and they immediately fixed the issue and sent me a new pair. They were prompt with replying to my issue. The fastest any company has ever replied to me, in fact.
Altogether great shoes, and any issues you may have with them, they are willing to fix and extremely prompt and helpful.

Flor (Portugal)
Great sneakers!

Comfortable, beautiful and vegan!

Robert Sambur (Croatia)
Best products ever

Hello dear friends .
Your producrs are amazing the correct toes fixed my toes in a way it is impossible to ignore the result.

Bought one more for a friend already ,

stay strong , one love
thank tou

Cristina Fernández (Spain)
Best Chelsea ever!

Amazing! Very comfortable, classy and perfect fit for my feet.

Anca T. (Romania)
Best barefoot shoes

After talking with a very nice lady from the chat support team, I’ve ordered my first pair of Feelgrounds, Highrise Luxe, and they feel awesome!
I wasn’t sure which size to buy because I have very wide feet, 25,5cm long and 10,6cm wide. I usually wear size 40 in normal shoes and I’ve tried barefoot shoes from other brands in size 40, but they are narrower, they don’t even compare to Feelgrounds. Thanks to the support I’ve ordered a size up, the 41, not 40, which have fitted in lenght, because of my wide feet and they fit very good, I now begin to know what barefoot actually means :-)
At first they rubbed a little bit at the back of the ankle, but just one shoe, the right, so probably my feet are different and the shoe had to loosen a bit in a place where there is an overlapping of material, plus the stitching. Now I wear these shoes almost daily because they are so comfortable and I don’t want to wear any of my older shoes again, so please Feelgrounds release as many female models as you can so I can buy them all! :-)
As an improvement I would like to have the option to buy leather models also, because I guess they would be more breathable, in my case the Highrise Luxe tend to get a little bit moist after wearing them a couple of hours, so I have to get them off and air dry them otherwise I get cold feet.
Thanks for the support and for making the best barefoot shoes ever! Keep up the good work!

Molly Brahmer (United States)
Best shoes for wide feet

I am so so thankful to have found feelgrounds! I have been searching and searching for wide enough shoes that are cute and I have found that with the seaside lux sandal AND the Chelsea boot. I look forward to ordering more from feelgrounds and seeing what other styles they come up with.

Minne (France)
We just bought our fifth pair!

We are a huge fan of Feelgrounds. The shoes are extremely comfortable, they don't look like barefoot shoes and they are completely vegan! About two years ago we bought our first pair: the patrols. They went with us on a year travel to South-America. A five day hike to Machu Picchu, city exploring in Medellin and Bogota and discovering Galapagos. Feelgrounds has been our feet's best friends! I just bought the Chelsea boots. They are so beautiful and convenient. It's our favorite barefoot brand. We are looking forward to more models and many more years with Feelgrounds.

Janet (Sweden)
Chelsea boots

Ordered the black Chelsea boots size 39 and I really love them the fit is good. Though I need to take the insoles out to have enough room for my wide feet, (around 10cm)
Great look that goes well with lots of different clothing styles.

F. (Sweden)
Sizing is off, hopefully will improve in the future

I exclusively wear barefoot shoes for over 10 years now, most of them from Vivobarefoot. This was my first order and I ordered my regular size (43) however the shoe is too large (mainly wrt height but also a bit exaggerated on the width). I remember the same issue with early designs from Vivobarefoot however they fixed that (my last order was 3-4 years ago). Barefoot design is not about exaggeration and swimming in the shoe, a proper fit and also consistent sizing among all models is the most important thing in my opinion which also helps with the aesthetics. Overall excellent design and material though, feels great on the foot apart from the sizing. Unfortunately I tried the show with a thick sock for the first time and wore it outside so can't replace it hence the reason for 3 starts. Looking forward to future orders and better (more realistic) sizing.

Dear Farrokh,

We are very happy to hear that you love the design and comfort of your Feelgrounds.

Feelgrounds fit true to size for most customers. However, shoe sizes are not standardized in the footwear industry and therefore vary from brand to brand. If you haven't tried Feelgrounds before, we recommend double-checking with our sizing info before ordering.

On our sizing page you will find detailed measurements, instructions on how to measure your feet, and our printable Size Guide PDF.

We are doing our best to design our shoes in a way that fits as many different foot types as possible, but unfortunately, it's not always possible to get it right for every foot shape.

Don't hesitate to please let us know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,

O. (Ireland)
Hightop Knit Everyday coolness

After a week of ownership I am very pleased, light comfortable and more traditional looking than some of my other "barefoot" footwear. Definitely not a gym footwear as the uppers is too light and I would be fearful of damaging them. Will buy again I think

C. (United States)
I could wear nothing but Feelgrounds

I have Patrol and three pairs of the knit shoes. They’re all really about my favorite shoes. Lots of toe room but not weird-looking, and soft and kind to my feet.

M.K. (United States)
My first pair

I ordered the all white droptop mesh and I absolutely love them! These were my very first pair of barefoot shoes, so I was very hesitant and did a lot of research prior. They were a little pricey, but I realize that is pretty much the standard when it comes to shoes that are made with more intention and in the natural shape of your foot. I love the all white style, it gives a classic feel to pretty much outfit. I ordered either a half-size or full size up bc that is what was recommended from several other reviews and barefoot shoe junkies. Definitely roomy but overall a great fit! My feet get sore first thing in the morning as they are still adjusting to the barefoot life, but I am powering through! Great shoes overall and I wear them almost daily

M. (United States)
LOVE at first wear

I really love the high tops that I got. I have been wanting high tops again since I started wearing barefoot shoes and had not been able to find any cute ones.... until now!

T.P. (Canada)
great wide toe box

I look for shoes with wide toe boxes and this hit its to the tee. super comfortable! looking forward to more pairs

U.W. (Italy)
Thank you Feelgrounds - No more sore feet!

I used to battle constantly with hard skin, corns, bunions and aching heels and toes. Since wearing Feelgrounds for the last 6 months, I am totally pain free and my feet feel great! I have just ordered my second pair for winter and am about to get rid of all my old shoes. Thanks Feelground for freeing my feet from their prison..

B. (United States)

I love my first purchase, the highrise knit, for the colder months. My second purchase was the rose gold luxe sneakers, SO pretty. Same ground feel and space, nice and tight on the ankle.

R. (United States)
1st Time Minimalist Shoe Wearer

The shoes feel nice, the toebox is wide enough for me to wear my Correct Toes, and the shoes look cool!
I was afraid barefoot shoes would look weird, but Feelgrounds look like normal shoes.

S. (Ireland)
Very good walking experience

Shoes fit and are wide enough.
I'm new to barefoot shoes so this is very comfortable to walk in.
I needed to get used to the wider optics as I thought it makes the foot looking huge. But after a while I didn't care anymore.
Hope they'll last very long!

Z.K. (United States)
Stylish yet casual wide toe-box and zero drop

Once I got the correct size and added insoles the high-rise knit are great. I wear them while working at a standing desk and they look great with jeans, short, or chinos.

m. (Belgium)
Fancy sandals

My Seaside Luxe are so comfortable and the Metallic Rose is a pretty colour which goes with almost any outfit. The cork insole feels really nice and supple. My feet are EU 39,5, and I chose size 40 (using de PDF print), which fit perfectly. It ticked all my barefoot dress shoe boxes: sparkly, supple, soft, flexible, wide toebox :), PLUS: attached to ankle with a padded(!!) velcro attachment. Even the dogs like them! My puppy customized the straps for me with some bite marks.

J.P. (United States)
Good shoes, but...

Pros: Good shoes, good feel, good design, good color variety

Cons: the soles are very soft which is good for comfort, but bad for durability. The build quality also feels a bit cheap, for example; I can see a bit of the glue line where the upper meets the sole.

The price for the basic shoe that you get feels quite high. I am very curious about the profit margin for say the original mesh, being that the materials are relatively basic. Is the production process complicated and intricate enough to warrant a 120 usd price tag?

Dear Jesse,

Thank you very much for your review!

We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with the design and comfort of your Feelgrounds.

With barefoot shoes in general, there is always the challenge of finding a balance between robustness and flexibility, as these are usually opposing goals. We have chosen a special TPE material for our sole, which is exceptionally soft and flexible and provides a very pleasant walking sensation and barefoot feeling. These are qualities that are particularly appreciated by many of our customers, also in comparison to other barefoot shoe brands.

The development and production of barefoot shoes is not inexpensive. It's not just the cost of materials, but also design, development, production, return, labor, rent, taxes and many other costs. Therefore, we need to find a price that is both fair and feasible.

In any case, we thank you very much for your feedback, as we are striving to improve continuously and can only do so if we know what is important to you. Thank you for your support!

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We're happy to help!

Best regards,