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Elastic Laces Silicone

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No more tying your shoelaces: suitable for all Feelgrounds Original styles
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Replace your regular shoelaces with elastic laces to easily slip on and off your Feelgrounds - no more tying! Suitable for all Feelgrounds Original models.


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  • high-quality elastic laces made from 100% silicone
  • Scope of delivery: 12 elastic laces suitable for 1 pair of Feelgrounds Original
  • textured to look like real shoelace
  • easy to put in
  • can be replaced with the original laces at any time

Care instructions

To clean your elastic laces, we recommend separating them from your shoes. Clean by hand with soap and rinse with clean water. Once dry, you can put them back into your Feelgrounds.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anonymous (Spain)
Good but very long

The laces are good and is very easy to put the shoes but the problem is they are very long and then the shoe does not fit well because they do not stretch.
I had to cross them between 3 holes apart so that they generated tension and the shoe was tight

Hi Nacho,

Thank you for your review!

We're glad to hear that you generally like the elastic laces. However, we're sorry to hear that they didn't fit you perfectly. Our elastic laces come in three different sizes, and most customers find their perfect fit with them. However, for individuals with a particularly flat arch or narrow foot, they may not experience the snug fit they desire.

In our shop, we also offer elastic lacing systems such as the Click & Go and Safe & Go. These lacing systems can be adjusted individually to fit the shape and size of your foot. Perhaps you'd like to try these in the future.

Thank you very much for your feedback, as we strive to continuously improve our products.

Best regards,

Anca (Romania)

I have the black ones, and they are super, way better than the other elastic laces. Pros: can be replaced anytime with other laces and then again put back, easy to clean with a brush, good fit. Cons: a bit harder to put on until you learn how to do it quickly

Graham Wyn jones (United Kingdom)

Love them , so comfortable .The thing is , I have two pairs now the recent green bamboo pair are slightly larger than my black pair both size M11 I bought last year ???

Dear Graham,

Thank you for your feedback and your enthusiasm for our shoes and elastic laces. We appreciate your support!

Regarding the size difference between your recent bought Original Bamboo pair and your Original Mesh from last year, we would like to inform you that the sole measurements of all our sneaker models are identical. However, due to the different materials and designs used, the fit may vary slightly between the models.

Additionally, upon reviewing your recent orders, we noticed that you had also purchased a pair of cork insoles for your Original Mesh sneakers but not for your Original Bamboo pair. Wearing the insoles in the Mesh sneakers but not in the Bamboo pair could also contribute to the feeling of a looser fit in the Original Bamboo shoes. However, whether or not to use insoles in your sneakers is entirely up to your personal preference.

If you have any further concerns or need clarification on this matter, please feel free to contact us via We are always here to assist you.

Thank you again for your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy the comfort of our shoes!

Kind regards,

$473.00 TWD
plus shipping
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S (US W5-W8)
M (US W7.5-M12)
L (US M11-M15)
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