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Elastic Lacing System “Safe & Go”

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No more tying your shoelaces: suitable for all Highrise, Original, and Patrol styles
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With the “Safe & Go” quick lacing system developed for sneakers, you'll never have to tie your shoes again. Adjust your laces to the right length once and fix them “invisibly” on the shoes’ inside for a minimalist look. Thanks to the elasticity of the laces, you can still slip them on & off easily. The flat laces go particularly well with our Highrise and Original styles.

  • suitable for all Feelgrounds Highrise, Original, and Patrol styles
  • suitable up to shoe size US M15 / UK M14 / EU 49 (for high instep feet possibly only up to size US M12 / UK M11 / EU 45)
  • Please note: for all Highrise & Patrol styles, we recommend leaving the top eyelets empty to allow you to easily slip into your shoes



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  • elastic laces made of 50% natural rubber and 50% polyester
  • total lace length of 90 cm (35.5 in) can be shortened if necessary
  • includes elastic laces for 1 pair of shoes, as well as 4 matching components for invisible fixation

Care instructions

To clean your elastic laces, we recommend separating them from your shoes. Clean by hand with soap and rinse with clean water. Once dry, you can put them back into your Feelgrounds.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ignacio Rodriguez (Chile)
Best accesory for my highrise shoes

Seriously thinking about changing all my laces for these. Super easy to lace and creates a snugged fit

N.J. (Slovenia)
Excellent laces

I got these for my first pair of barefoot shoes and they make allll the difference. I want the shoes to be snug on my feet and I also don't have the time to lace them up every time. This is the perfect solution. I will buy these again for my next pair for sure!

Shereen Ghuloum (Kuwait)

I didn’t try them yet, but they seem nice.

QAR 53,00
plus shipping