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Original Knit

1.600,00 NOK
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Naturally shaped footwear to build strong & healthy feet
Unites barefoot functionality and style
Eco-friendly with an upper made from recycled materials
Available colors
(Olive Green)
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This colorway will be discontinued. Remaining sizes available while stocks last.

The Original Knit combines all the benefits of a barefoot shoe with a sleek and stylish look. Its knit upper comes with a slightly water-repellent treatment, which makes this model a great all-round sneaker. The spacious toe box respects the shape of your feet, and our flexible sneaker sole allows your foot to move as it is supposed to.

This model features our improved sole material for increased durability. Read more about the sole update on our blog.


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Thin sole

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Wide toe box

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Great shoes for everybody.


All materials and dyes tested to EU REACH standards: recycled PET (upper, laces, lining), recyclable rubber (sole), microfiber (heel lining)


Weight per shoe: 260 g / 9.2 oz (Size US W11.5/M10), Sole thickness / stack height: 5 mm / 0.2 in

If you are a barefoot shoe beginner, consider inserting one of our insoles (available separately in our online store).

Care Instructions

To clean your Original Knit, remove all loose dirt with a soft shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth. Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes get wet.

Make sure to regularly renew the water-repellent treatment, using a waterproofing spray. For best performance, we also recommend spraying them before you first wear them.

The Original Knit is not machine washable, as this removes its water-repellent properties and might cause the upper material to lose its shape.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
V. (Poland)
order #EU3263

I got today my first ever bare feet sneakers. I love them, i am obsessed. I have space to move my fingers however i want inside of my sneakers. Black with brown sole they look stylish and simple, great for casual everyday wear. I don’t feel any discomfort wearing them, and that’s a rare thing, i don’t want to take them off😁 Will buy more in the future:)

Rebecca (Slovenia)
Original knit - gum black

Comfiest shoes I've ever owned! I've been wearing them basically every day since I bought them 3 months ago, except when it was raining. There's just a perfect amount of space for my toes, they are super stretchy and breathable. I got size 41 (my usual size) and had to add the insoles since I have really low volume feet, and it worked out great. The durability so far also seems good. Highly recommend them.

Alex Campos (United States)
Love them!

I’ve had them for a few weeks now, and I really like them. There’s definitely an adjustment period for those of us that haven’t worn shoes like them before. Wearing them for the first time for a few hours kind of felt like I had been walking around an amusement park all day or something, but my legs and feet are getting stronger and wearing them is getting easier and easier. My bunion is also looking/feeling better as well!