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Elastic Laces Silicone

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No more tying your shoelaces: suitable for all Feelgrounds Original styles
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Replace your regular shoelaces with elastic laces to easily slip on and off your Feelgrounds - no more tying! Suitable for all Feelgrounds Original models.


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  • high-quality elastic laces made from 100% silicone
  • Scope of delivery: 12 elastic laces suitable for 1 pair of Feelgrounds Original
  • textured to look like real shoelace
  • easy to put in
  • can be replaced with the original laces at any time

Care instructions

To clean your elastic laces, we recommend separating them from your shoes. Clean by hand with soap and rinse with clean water. Once dry, you can put them back into your Feelgrounds.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
W. (Singapore)
Love the concept but ....

Love the concept since I just tie my shoes loose and slip them on and off forever. These were a little tight so I didn't enjoy them. Hard to get my shoe on without the top popping off and pulled the shoe in so it didn't feel as wide.

Tanya B (United States)
Pregnancy helper

These work great for me - I don’t have to try to tie laces or retie laces when out and about. Especially during the third trimester. I was worried based on other reviews, but same width work just fine for me. They’re maybe more loose in the toes than they’d be with tie up laces, but it’s a pleasant sensation for me. I do have high volume feet.
I did find that I have to wear taller socks so that the edges of the elastic laces don’t rub my bare feet. That can be irritating.
But generally worth it!

Kristiina (Finland)
Great product

My kids and I are very satisfied with these laces. I first bought these for myself and then when I realized they were so handy, I bought them for my 2 kids as well. They make the sneakers easy to use and still look stylish. I have not found the length of the laces (all same length) to be an issue with my Feelgrounds shoes. I did wonder about this with my son's barefoot sneakers from another brand, but he told me the felt fine.

RM52.00 MYR
plus shipping
Choose your size
S (US W5-W8)
M (US W7.5-M12)
L (US M11-M15)