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Feelgrounds sole update: new material for increased durability
Feelgrounds Blog / Feelgrounds sole update: new material for increased durability

Feelgrounds sole update: new material for increased durability

12 September 2023

We're aware: you love your Feelgrounds! You've made that clear to us through your incredibly positive feedback over the past years. Nevertheless, we've occasionally received the message: "If only the soles of my Feelgrounds could last longer, they would be perfect for me."

We, the Feelgrounds team, also wear our shoes daily and have noticed that while the soles last impressively long for some of us, they tend to wear out more quickly for others. That's why we've now decided to transition our adult sneaker soles to the same new sole material that we already use for our children's shoes. This new material boasts improved abrasion resistance while maintaining the unique Feelgrounds sensation. The Feelgrounds barefoot sneakers with the new sole remain incredibly flexible, and of course, keep their beloved design and trusted sizing.

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With this improvement, our sneakers are now also ideal for those who require a higher abrasion resistance. We are confident that the new sole will further elevate the quality of our products and increase your satisfaction with our sneakers. We're excited about our new soles and hope you'll experience the same.
Below, you'll find all the information you need about our updated models.

Overview of updated models

The following models will feature the new sole material:

Since so far, all our adult sneaker models share the same sole, it's easy to remember: all Feelgrounds sneakers (meaning all adult models except boots and sandals) will receive the new sole material. The updated models will be available in the same colors as their predecessors (except for the Light Blue Mesh & Olive Green Knit models). Prices remain unchanged.


The sole update has no impact on sizes, as the shape of the soles remains the same. This means Feelgrounds sizes stay unchanged, allowing you to choose the same size that fit you well with the previous models.

What happens to the old models?

The previous models are replaced by the models with the new sole and taken out of our product range. As long as supplies last, we offer the predecessor models at a 50% discount in our Sale category.

When will the models with the new sole be available?

The majority of sneaker models with the new sole are already available in our shop, and our two mesh models will follow by the end of May.

If only certain sizes are sold out for a model with the new sole, you can enter your email address through the "Notify me" button to receive an email as soon as the shoe is available again in the desired size.

How do I recognize the models with the new sole in the shop?

The previous models have been moved to our Sale category and are marked with a 50% reduced price. The new models will gradually arrive at our warehouse and will then be available in our regular section "Adult barefoot shoes". Additionally, they will feature the "Improved sole durability" badge in the product image, so you can be certain that you're looking at a new model.

If you still have any questions about the new models, feel free to write to us, and we'll provide the information. If you need personal advice regarding size, fit, etc., our customer support team will be happy to assist you as well.

We are eager to hear your feedback and hope that you will love the updated Feelgrounds models just as much as we do.

Your Feelgrounds Team

Posted by Frederic