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Highrise Luxe

555.00 NIS
445.00 NIS
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Naturally shaped footwear to build strong & healthy feet
Unites barefoot functionality and style
Vegan & water-repellant soft faux leather
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Back in stock October 2023


The Highrise Luxe is the premium option among our Highrise styles. Our popular barefoot sole provides maximum flexibility and sneaker-style at the same time. With its velvety microsuede lining and soft, water-repellent faux leather, the Highrise Luxe is your premium barefoot shoe for everyday.

Please note: We recommend the same size as for your other Highrise styles. For more info on our Luxe styles, check out this blog post.


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Great shoes for everybody.


Vegan PU leather (upper), recycled PET (laces), recyclable TPE (sole), microsuede (lining)


Weight per shoe: 260 g / 9.2 oz (Size US W11.5/M10), Sole thickness / stack height: 5 mm / 0.2 in
If you are a barefoot shoe beginner, consider inserting one of our insoles (available separately in our online store).

Care Instructions

To clean your Highrise Luxe remove all loose dirt with a soft shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth. Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes got wet.

The Highrise Luxe is not machine washable.

Note: The shoes are not suitable for activities that cause a lot of friction on the sole, as this can damage the soft sole.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
P. (Croatia)
So beautiful

Such pretty shoes I don't mind the extra 3 min it takes me to lace them in the morning compared to my other shoes. They were not hard to break in and soften. I tried wearing them without insoles but standing for 8 hours on your feet is really punishing since the sole is so thin you can see the light through them. The only real problem is when I wore them with the 3mm wool insoles my right big toe was being squished, I suppose they were not made to be worn with non Feelgrounds insoles. They clean really easily, the only thing I did not manage to clean are the white laces. I wish I could buy a replacement and just machine wash them when needed.
Once I broke them in, they were soft and easy to crouch in for a few minutes.
I understand this is vegan leather, but I would buy another pair in a blink if there was a version in real white leather for longer-lasting shoes, since plastic is still plastic however you want to call it.
Customer care is super fast in responding to inquiries, well done.

Dear Paulina,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We're delighted that you're very pleased with your Highrise Luxe, as well as our customer care. Providing excellent service is a top priority for us, and it's always nice to hear that we're archiving that.

We appreciate your insight regarding the insoles. Barefoot shoes may require an adjustment period, if you're new to this style of footwear. We recommend transitioning gradually to allow your feet to adapt to the thin sole and minimalist design. Insoles are actually a great way of making your transition easier. Additionally, it is totally fine to stick to wearing insoles even after a transition period if a slightly thicker sole is your preference. While our shoes are designed to be worn comfortably with our Felt and Cork insoles, the compatibility with insoles from other brands may differ, and we cannot guarantee a perfect fit.

As for your suggestion of a version in real white leather, we don't have any plans to use leather for our shoes. All of our shoes are animal-free, and if we're using plastic-based materials, we go for the recycled choice wherever possible. We do, however, get your point, and are therefore constantly looking for new materials that fit our philosophy while not compromising on comfort, quality, or look. This year, we've released a version of our Original sneaker style made from fully biodegradable vegan Bamboo leather. You can read more about it here:

Thank you once again for your valuable feedback and for choosing Feelgrounds. If you have any more questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best regards,

Alfredo Moretta (Italy)
awesome shoes

I love the project and the shoes.Also The customer care was great.

I will buy again in the future.

Molly Brahmer (United States)

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever been able to wear high tops because they’re actually wide enough!!! So light and comfortable - true to feelgrounds quality