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Original Luxe

414.00 GEL
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Naturally shaped footwear to build strong & healthy feet
Unites barefoot functionality and style
Vegan & water-repellant soft faux leather
Available colors
(Black & White)
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Back in stock April 2024


Original Luxe is the premium sneaker among our Original styles. Its 5 mm thin sole provides maximum flexibility and barefoot feel, while the wide toe box respects the shape of your feet. With its velvety vegan microsuede lining and soft, water-repellant faux leather, the Original Luxe is your high-quality sneaker all-rounder.

For more info on our Luxe styles, check out this blog post.

This model features our improved sole material for increased durability. Read more about the sole update on our blog.


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Great shoes for everybody.


All materials and dyes tested to EU REACH standards: vegan PU leather (upper), recycled PET (laces), recyclable rubber (sole), microsuede (lining)


Weight per shoe: 280 g / 9.9 oz (Size US W11.5/M10), Sole thickness / stack height: 5 mm / 0.2 in

If you are a barefoot shoe beginner, consider inserting one of our insoles (available separately in our online store).

Care Instructions

To clean your Original Luxe, remove all loose dirt with a soft shoe brush. If necessary, go in with a clean, soft brush to apply some lukewarm water and a mild cleaning solution. Wipe any excess product with a moist cloth. Air dry at room temperature after cleaning or when the shoes get wet.

The Original Luxe is not machine washable.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Alyssa (Australia)
Incredible Shoes!

One thing everyone knows about me is that I have always “hated” shoes ever since I was a kid. I always said if it were acceptable to be barefoot all the time I would be! Well I bought the All White pair to wear into the office as my work shoes. Now I can’t imagine wearing any other kind of shoe except barefoot shoes! I’ve been wearing these for a couple months now in combination with starting foot exercises and the best achievement was today when my Mum said, “wow you used to be getting a bunion on your left foot and now it’s not even noticeable anymore!” My feet are correcting themselves through time, hard work and correct shoes! Love my feelgrounds and will certain but more in the future.

Nives (Slovenia)
Love them 😉

My toes are dancing happy damce! ❤️ So, so, so comfortable!

Dorianne Briffa (Malta)
Great shoes !

Perfect fit and true to size, lots of space for the toes .