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Knit vs. Mesh: What's the difference?
Feelgrounds Blog / Knit vs. Mesh: What's the difference?

Knit vs. Mesh: What's the difference?

13 May 2022

We are thrilled to see that you love our two new Knit models that were previously only available in our Mesh version. But, the bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Therefore, we would like to give you detailed insights into our two different product lines, Feelgrounds Knit vs. Feelgrounds Mesh, that are defined by their two different upper materials. Let’s see what differs the Knit from the Mesh!

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Color variations

Our Feelgrounds Knit line is available in three different cuts: the Highrise Knit, the Original Knit and the Droptop Knit. All Knit models are available in the following six colors:

All Black, Black & White, Cloud Grey, Gum Graphite, Off White and Olive Green

Edit: In May 2021, we launched two Limited Edition colors for the Highrise Knit: Dusty Pink and All White, which have since sold out and are no longer available. In May 2022, we launched the Gum Black colorway as a Limited Edition and shortly after added it to our permanent color range for all three Knit models.

Feelgrounds Knit colors

Our Feelgrounds Mesh product line is currently available in two different cuts: the Original Mesh and the Droptop Mesh. All Mesh models are available in seven colors:

All Black, All White, Black & White, Black & Red, Navy Blue, Dusty Pink and Light Blue.

Feelgrounds Mesh colors



Our Knit models come with a water-repellant treatment. However, please be aware that water-repellant does not equal waterproof. The Knit material is treated with a PFC, PFOA, and PFOS free mix of wax and silicone. This prevents raindrops from immediately soaking into the fabric and instead makes them drip off the surface. Additionally, the seam between the upper and the outsole is sealed with waterproof glue. As the water-repellent treatment loses its efficiency over time, we recommend to regularly fresh up the protection with a waterproofing spray.

Our Mesh upper on the other hand does not offer any protection against wetness because of its breathable, loosely weaved surface texture.


Warmth & Breathability

Both our Knit models and Mesh models are breathable. The Knit material, however, is distinctly tighter knitted compared to the extra breathable Mesh. Therefore many customers prefer our Mesh models on warm and dry days, while our Knit models offer better protection against wind and the odd rainfall on spring and autumn days.


Stretchiness & Durability

One of the knit fabric’s characteristics is that it is more stretchy compared to woven fabrics. Since our Knit is knitted rather tightly and made of stronger yarn, it is still robust enough not to pull any stitches during casual everyday use. Therefore, our Knit models offer a lot of toe freedom, while still looking great after a few months.

Compared to the Knit, our Mesh hardly yields and therefore holds its shape excellently over a long time. The material is perfectly suitable for everyday casual use.

For doing sports, we, therefore, recommend neither our Mesh nor our Knit models as the fabrics are e.g. not resistant to abrasion. However, we know many of you would love to wear your Feelgrounds also when practicing sports. That’s why we are considering to develop a sports model with an extra robust upper material and sole in the future.



Due to the Knit material’s elasticity, our Original Knit and Droptop Knit fit a little looser compared to their mesh counterparts. While the cutting pattern is absolutely identical for both the Mesh and the Knit models, the Mesh fabric causes the fit to be a little more snug, especially in the heel and ankle area.

For wide feet, our Knit models therefore might be an even better fit. Our Droptop model offers the most toe freedom of all our models, as it has no seams in the toe area. Our Highrise model is a good option for wider feet as well, because the seam in the pinky toe area is not placed directly at the foot’s widest part.

For detailed measurements, our printable Size Guide PDF and more check out our sizing page. If you need further help with finding the right size, feel free to contact us. Please send us your measurements and/or pictures of your feet on our Size Guide PDF. We are happy to assist!


Logo webbing at the heel

Our Knit models come with a stylish, broadly woven FEELGROUNDS lettering on the heel. Depending on the color variant, this stands out more or less.

Our Mesh models feature a smaller, transparent, and rather subtle FEELGROUNDS print. So if you like your brands discreet, our Mesh versions will be the best choice.

Feelgrounds Mesh logo

Machine washable

We do not recommend cleaning our Knit models in the washing machine, due to the elasticity of the material and the water-repellent coating. Instead, we recommend cleaning by hand with cleaning foam and a cloth or a very soft brush that does not damage the fibers of the material (-> find suitable care products for your Feelgrounds here).

Our Mesh models can easily be washed in the washing machine several times over their lifetime. Please only use cold wash and low spin to not damage the shoes. We recommend the use of a laundry bag for a particularly gentle wash. After washing, let your Feelgrounds air dry. Et voilà, your Feelgrounds are sparkling clean again.


As always, let us know if you have any questions in the comments below or reach out to us via

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Your Feelgrounds team

Posted by Leonie