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2020 | Year in review
Feelgrounds Blog / 2020 | Year in review

2020 | Year in review

13 May 2022

What a year! 2020 is coming to an end, and we look back on the past year, which was anything but ordinary. We grew our fantastic remote team and worked continuously to offer more and better products. Meanwhile, we listened to your feedback to understand better what you like and what you don’t and learn how to provide the best service possible.

This year, we could reduce our prices and extend our return policy to 30 days to allow more people to wear natural footwear that looks great. Just this year, we shipped Feelgrounds to 82 countries.

We want to say thank you and appreciate every single one that supported us on our mission to make barefoot shoes cool! Your honest feedback, support, and enjoyment of our products are our drive.

2019 was the year when Feelgrounds turned into reality. 2020 was the year to put the word out. Scroll down for a detailed end-of-year review, and stay tuned for 2021. Click here to join our email list and get notified about new models, deals, giveaways,...

Thank you so much for your support.
Let’s make barefoot shoes cool!

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February | Meet Highrise Knit

We finished the pre-order phase for our second model, The Highrise Knit, a stylish high-top sneaker in six fresh colors. All Highrise Knit pre-orders were shipped worldwide in March.


May | Introducing Droptop Mesh

In May, the Feelgrounds family expanded to three different styles as we added the Droptop Mesh to our collection. The Droptop Mesh is a super comfortable, sleek slip-on model and comes in the same fabric and colors as our first model.


July | Brand New Knit Models

Since you guys loved the fabric and colors of our Highrise style, we decided to make our other two models also available as a Knit version. Meet Original Knit & Droptop Knit.


September | Workation in Cyprus

During our workation (work + vacation) in Cyprus, we spent one week together to better understand each other and grow as a team. We had a great time, and everything went very well, besides flipping over an offroad buggy :D


October | Winter Boots Pre-Order

We love our sneaker options but wanted to provide a healthy and stylish footwear choice for colder days. That’s why we worked hard on releasing our new fully waterproof, vegan faux leather winter boots: The Feelgrounds Patrol. Available for pre-order at


November | Moving to our warehouse

In November, we closed our online store for a full week to move our stock to our brand new warehouse to offer an even better service for you in the future.

Let’s make barefoot shoes cool!

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Posted by Leonie